In this article I am going to go over how to make a plan, set a schedule that you can follow
on my daily basis. We are going to cover how to use social media marketing to build your
business and how to build a following. How its important to stay focused when building
your business is key.

Give Me 5 Mins and I will show you how simple online marketing really is all you need to do
is cover these five key points and you will be on your way to having a successful business.
The main thing to reminder is you will get better over time at building your business. Like the
old saying goes Rome wasn’t built in one day. Don’t stress out when first getting started if
things aren’t happening as fast as you would Like it them too.

First get a sheet of paper, or open a note pad document on your computer, and make a plan
of action steps you will take on a daily basis to get your business started.

Let us explore this a little more shall we? What you need to do is set yourself up with plan of
action that you will complete on a daily basis. A good start would be to write out your goals
that you would like to accomplish in the next few weeks to months. What you need to do is
make one column for short-term goals and the other column long-term goals.

Take your piece of paper make two columns, in your first column, write down how much you
would like to make in the next 6 weeks, that would be considered your short-term goal. In Column Two write down how much you would like to make in the next 2 months to a year, that would be considered your long-term goal.

As well make a list of what you would like to accomplish in your business and life style this will
change as you begin to build your business. It’s important to set a schedule each day around
your other commitments, by doing this on a daily basis it will help you get your business going
and help you keep focused.

On a piece of paper or a note pad make a list each day of the week, and pencil in how many hours  you will be spending each day working your business. Under each day write out what needs to be done in order to have each task completed, don’t forget to allow yourself a break too.

A Great place to start marketing would be social media websites, there are so many online these days, just start off by picking one set up your profile with as much detail as possible. It’s would be a good idea to upload a picture of yourself. As well upload a cover photo that represents who you are or some where you would like to travel.

A good starting point would be joining social media groups that are in your niche and start connecting with other people. Most important tip always share value with other people, don’t just spam these groups with your business opportunity. Doing this other people will get upset and it will show them you aren’t a leader and willing to help them build their business.

You will run into challenges along your journey, the key is to stay focused in order to reach your goals, once you reached that goal set yourself another one. Keep repeating the process until you are living a lifestyle on your own terms.

A few tips to help you stay focused would be to train your brain on what needs to be done to complete each task, you might find it helpful to start with the most creative exercise in the morning and complete the reminder of tasks throughout your day.

As well another great way to keep yourself focused on building your business is to start listening to some mind-set training, while driving to work or picking up your kids pop in a cd or your phone . A great place to get mindset training is go on you tube a do a search for motivational music.

One more great tip make a voice recording with your phone of you speaking your goals, listen to them 2 to 3 times a day and by doing this your mind will start to believe its true because your mind can’t tell what’s true or not true.

It’s important to build a following so people will want to get to know you and want to do business with you. You can accomplish this by either sending people a friend request or follow them. The process may be different in each social media website. Keep building your brand and over time people will automatically start following you.  Another idea you can do on face book and twitter is up in the search bar type in a keyword that related to your business and start following people who show up in that list.

Allot of people like to use Facebook and Google Plus because you can set up a business page to get unlimited number of people to start following you and liking your posts. Just make sure you fill in all your details and add a cover photo about your product or service.

Once you have you’re page created head over to the groups and put in a little ad asking people to like you’re page and that you will do the same for them.

Just to recap on what we covered is why and how to make a plan of action is important ingredient in getting a business started, to set up a schedule that you can follow on a daily basis. A great place to start growing your business is by setting yourself up in social media sites. Make a schedule and stay focusing on your daily activities in order to have a successful business.
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All the best,

Donna Gain