You can use these online marketing strategies to sky rock your business, first thing you should do when joining a business opportunity is go through all the training videos that comes with your program. If you didn’t get any when joining, make sure you ask your team leader if there are any training videos on how to market your business.

Once you have gone through all the training video, so you don’t get over whelmed and get random results its best to pick one strategy master it until you are generating 5 to 10 leads per day.

If you didn’t get any training videos from your team, I will be covering some free and paid strategies that can help you get starting in sky rocking your business….

It’s important to build a following so people will want to get to know you and want to do business with you. You can accomplish this by either sending people a friend request or follow them. Keep building your brand and over time people will automatically start following you.

One way to start following people on Facebook, is at the top of your home page in the search box type in keyword that’s related to your business you will get a list of people who meet your search terms and start send each person a friend request.

Another great way to start building your business and brand with Facebook is create a business page add in your contact details and description about your business, add a call to action button. Make sure to add a cover photo that shows some thing about your product or service that can help people.

Now that you have your Facebook page, make daily posts that will help give motivation to other, and remember don’t just blurt out your business opportunity, you want to help solve people’s problems..

To start getting traffic to your fan page send your current Facebook friends and invite by clicking on the arrow next to the word more and select invite friend, you will have to click each one separately…

As well use other people’s Facebook groups to send them an invite to check out your business page, as well share you’re daily posts from your fan page, make sure you are sharing content that will help people solve their problems.

You can use twitter to start getting leads for your business as well, by doing a search just like you did on Facebook at the top of your page and search for people with a keyword that describes your business, start following people and they will most likely start following you.

As well you can use a free app called crow fire and do you search for people with your keywords, as well you can set up a follow-up message that each time some one follows you back, they will get an automatic message/greeting from you. Start following at least 500 people a day using crowd fire and your list of followers will start growing fast…

Solo ads would be another good option only if you have a marketing budget, with solo adds the provider will send an email blast to their own list that they have collected of people who are interested in what you have to offer…. The best way is to do a search online for providers that offer buyer clicks, these are people who are known for buying your type of product or service.

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All the best,

Donna Gain