One thing that really comes to mind that is so hard to learn, have you ever come across the shiny objects syndrome!

Do you even know if you’re some one that has followed the shiny objects? Well to help you figure this one out, are you some one that keeps starting up new ideas, in some cases this is good but if you come up with too many good ideas
when starting a home business it can actually hold you back.

What does the Shiny objects syndrome mean – is something that distracts you from your current project or priorities that may seem more interesting.

Usually what happens with millions of people they get started in a home business and after a few weeks go by and no sign ups or it becomes to hard they go searching for another shiny object. Okay how many of you have been through the shiny object  syndrome? Okay you may not see my hand up right now but I am a guilty as charged.

The shiny object syndrome can cause a lot of problems in your business, like lose focus, makes you think that the grass is greener on the other side.

Now stop following the shiny object syndrome and keep reading as I share with you ideas that can help you gain focus on building your business. One of the first steps that you should do is make a plan of action steps you will take on a daily basis to help get your business started. A Good idea would be to get a sheet of paper and make a list of all the goals you would like to accomplish.

Short term goals are what you would like to achieve in six weeks to a few months, long-term goals are considered six months to a few years.

When starting to build an online business, it takes time to get started make sure you go through you’re welcome email and go through all the training that’s available to you from the company or team leader. At first it can be overwhelming and feel really scary but just remember take it slow and go over the training multiple times and if you still get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask questions?

When you ask questions you’re opening up your possibilities of having a successful business, as well don’t forget to take action and stay focused until you reach your desired income.

A great way to start building your business is to create a blog, a blog is like keeping a personal journal you can share marketing ideas, cooking tips, garden anything that you are passionate about. As well create a newsletter to start building an email list, to build trust with others and share helpful tips. Good idea to create an about me page so people can see who you are and learn about your background. As well create a page that gives people an idea on the types of products and service that you offer. Lastly make sure you are doing your postings at least three times a week, because search engines like fresh content and it will help you get listed on the major search engines.

To get started with blogging here are a few steps to get started:

1. Choose the platform you would like to create your blog, like word press or blogger
2. choose your domain name and hosting
3. choose the theme that will work for your company
4. Make changes to the blog to get the desired look and feel
5. Select a few plug-ins
6. Add your content you would like to share with your reader

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All the best,

Donna Gain