When it comes to online marketing, everything in the mix matters and that is why you need to ensure that every piece of the marketing equation is perfect. One of the things that you will need to take care of is the written aspect of your multi-media communication, of which typography is a pillar.

Typography plays a significant role in the effectiveness of your message. It does not matter how good your images are; as long as your written description is wanting, you are bound to forfeit many chances of converting your readers into customers.

This article’s purpose is to show you how much impact typography has on the conversion rate and possibility of your online marketing and how why you need to optimize so as to achieve better conversion results

Ease of reading

Before your audience can do anything with your message, they need to read it first. If your audience cannot read your message without straining, they are most likely to understand it and act favorably as opposed to if they have to struggle to read it.

All the favorable results you expect from your target-audience begin at the very point of reading. For instance, sans-serif types are the easiest to read and most legible hence they can be read easily even when you use them in smaller sizes. On the other hand, comic sans are the hardest to read. This is the reason you need to ensure that your typography is reader-friendly to your potential or existing customers.

Type affects the focus of the reader

Another way that typography affects your conversion is through impacting the focus of your audience. Focus is very crucial if told people will understand your written message. Therefore, anything that affects focus impacts readers ability to interpret your message.

The color and size of the fonts you use also play a role in drawing the attention of your readers to those areas you want them to prioritize such as features and benefits.

Typography affects the visually challenged

Not every person who will read your online content has perfect eyesight like yours. For instance, one research shows that 42 percent of Americans are short-sighted, and hence they need bigger fonts to help them read well.

Emotional connection

Every savvy marketer knows too well that people buy with their emotions and then “justify” their choices with logic. In fact, one study shows that people have a psychological connection to some fonts, and this emotional rapport can boost their chances of making a favorable response.


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