Secret #1 Take action

You can easily learn the secrets to online marketing by taking action, when your first getting started with online marketing it can be difficult to get your self motivated. The best way to over come the lack of motivation is think of the present moment and why you’re wanting to build a successful business. Try focusing on your breathing for a few moments and listen to some motivational videos found on you tube.

Just remember to take everything you do seriously and when it seems scary or too difficult, just take a deep breath and relax, you will find those thoughts that you were thinking, is what you were creating in your own mine. Even surround yourself with other people who are motivated to help you take massive action.

Another small tip if you actually start thinking of what you need to do for that day, instead of saying what should be done today, that will help you regain your power to take action.

Secret #2 Have a plan

Along with taking massive action, you need to have a plan in order to have success, if you don’t have a solid plan and just start doing random tasks you will find yourself lost and getting random results.

You need to sit down and put together a simple plan that will work for you, get yourself a note-book and start writing down ideas that you can stick to on a daily basis.

When first getting started the biggest mistake you can do is making your plan too big, by doing this it will cause you to get overwhelmed or scared and it will put you back to not taking any action.

Also surround yourself with other successful marketers in the same industry as yourself, and learn from them on what plan they use for their business, and give you ideas on what you can use for your business.

Secret #3 Build the trust factor with people

This secret alone is to going take #1 and #2 to a whole new level in your online marketing, in order to make a living online you need to build a relationship with people in order for them to have trust in you.

In order to have a solid business and make a decent living online, you need to provide people with content on a daily basis, with blog posts, free reports, provide them with tips on how to get started online. By doing this people will start to look at you as an authority and will want to do business with you.

In your content marketing if you can provide some one with value and help solve their problem rather than just pitching them your business opportunity they will look at you as some one they can trust to do business with.

A good way to start building your trust with people is offer a free report to build an email list, use this list to build trust with people by offer people your valuable content and provide them with your contact details on how they can reach you.

Use low-cost methods to start building your email list, like social media websites and post your content on a daily basis, as well go on other people’s profiles and start liking and comments on their posts.

It’s important to build a following so people will want to get to know you and want to do business with you. You can accomplish this by either sending people a friend request or follow them. The process may be different in each social media website.

Secret #4 Testimonials

Customer testimonials if you own your product the best way to build trust with people, if they can see other people who have used your products or services and how it helped them with their business will give you that instant creditably.

If you don’t own your own product and you’re an affiliate marketer, just ask people to write you a testimonial how you have helped them get started building a team of people.

By applying these secrets my friends to your business you will have a massive following of people looking at you as a trust worthy person.
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All the best,

Donna Gain