"Guest Blog Post Written By:Lesia Kovtun

"Lesia is an ex English teacher who helps parents/students and organizations with educational planning. She is a tech savvy, who loves education and technology, that makes studying process more convenient and collaborative. Currently working with Noplag.com team as a consultant."

Search engine optimization or SEO plays an important role in the success of your website as over 90% of online experience start with the search. If you want to be a step forward from your nearest opponents, it is important to plan and make an SEO strategy for the future year. And for it to be both useful and successful it is important to be aware of the SEO trends that await us and will influence Google adjustment in 2017. Look through these 7 tips of content optimization to know what future prepares for you.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

Released at the end of 2015, AMP still has not lost its significance. All this is because load time continues to be a vital ranking factor for Google and to offer a better user experience it primarily shows AMP sites that load four times quicker than ordinary ones. It not only makes users more satisfied but also increases advertising revenue. As a result, the website receives more clicks being placed higher in the list of search results and becomes more attractive to advertisers and users.

  1. Schema

Though it may sound unbelievable but a markup influences SEO results too. Schema markup is gaining its popularity helping search engines to provide rich results as they better understand the content contained on the pages. Moreover, rich snippets are more comfortable for users and they improve the clicking rate and search engine traffic. Another benefit of Schema is Quick Answers that have doubled their popularity for the past 2 years. To make the most of using Schema you should prefer the most commonly used types of schemas and mark as much of your content as possible.

  1. Voice search


With the development of mobile technologies, the ways to start search engines have also changed. More and more mobile phone users avoid text-based searches and prefer to pronounce their requests instead of typing them. Nowadays, voice search is used by 20% of users and by 2020 this number will reach 50%. This means that optimization of website content is a necessity if these websites want to match the intent of their users. The voice formulation of the statement for search differs from customary keywords and usually reminds special questions. Another fact is connected with the conclusion that the fifth part of vocal searches is local and website owners should take it into account if they want to be found in the list of local results.

  1. Machine learning update


The release of Rank Brain from Google shows people another way how search queries move up or down the keyword ladder. Now all the tasks are performed by the machine that updates the algorithm automatically after each newly asked inquiry. It means that the list of keywords will be in a constant change and websites must be ready to follow the changes and adapt to new standards to keep up with the machine.

  1. Reduction in bounce rate

Google analytics takes many different characteristics into account placing the site higher or lower in the list. Bounce rate is one of the very important features influencing this too. Defined as a percentage of one page visits it is a powerful metric that shows your content quality. Next year it will continue to influence the ranking of your site as Google has made the high quality of content its first priority. This means that it is important to reduce a bounce rate by improving the content readability, regular adding of fresh information, using high-value keywords, providing content with meta description, improving loading speed etc.

  1. Mobile optimization


There is nothing surprising that the world goes mobile and websites should continue to improve their interface, especially for mobile users. The figures show that the half of website page visits today are made from the mobile devices and this number will only increase year by year. Another increase in SEO options will concern mobile apps that link to the content. Many applications allow streaming up content without the necessity to download them and this aspect will continue to develop.

  1. Making more links

The increased number of links can be a good way to improve the ranking of the site pages. This strategy is very easy and great as you can do that making references to social networks, pinging your blog topics with the help of search strings etc. Never forget to check your website for broken links as they can hurt SEO severely.


It is impossible to know exactly what search engines keep in store for website owners, but taking into account the existing strategies we can suppose what will wait for us in 2017. It is natural that SEO will be a key feature for all the websites and its optimization must be a priority if you want to keep leading positions among the competitors.


Lesia Kovtun